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We specialize in rare and hard to find gold coins from all over the world at deep discount auction prices. We have over 35,000+ gold coins in stock from the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia, and Spain...just to name a few. Most of our coins are in near mint condition with very light signs of wear.
The Allegra World Coffee Portal is a global research platform delivering real-time, valuable country-level information, trends and analysis on the coffee, coffee shop and related markets.
The World Academy of Sport is World Sport's Education Partner, delivering educational programmes and creating sustainable long term partnerships for the benefit of sport and partner organisations worldwide.
As a leading voice in socially responsible travel and lifestyle, World Footprints Media is committed to raising awareness about important global issues and sharing the legacies of those who are leaving positive footprints on our planet.
The World Football Academy has locations all around the world, from Netherlands to United Kingdom, South Africa and Japan. The headquarters are located in the Netherlands.
World Football Foundation is a specialised information source focusing on football (soccer, association football). Access is free to users and amount of data grows every week.
World Energy TV is the leading online television channel from the energy sector providing news, documentary and interviews about low carbon and sustainable energy
WMMAF,World Mixed martial arts federation,official website,MMA rules,Open World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts ,mma statutes,shot boxe,kick jitsu
World DLA International introduces the world's first instantaneous identity authentication system. Instantly authenticate any identification from virtually anyone at anytime. The ONLY SOLUTON to tackling the global problem of identity fraud.
iowdok eternal flame world tour 2016 2019 international organisation world day of knights la flamme de l'amitié parcourt le monde l’iowdok – international organisation world day of knights œuvre depuis de nombreuses années dans le domaine interculturel social éducatif et culturel à niveau international en étroite collaboration avec les ministères institutions et organes étatiques des multiples pays l’iowdok réalise des projets campagnes et actions fédératrices à échelle nationale
WORLDCYCLE will take you into a world of action actually mostly on the top side of the Earth's crust; The world of Richard Gregg ICBM (Inter-Continental Bicycle Man), a man aboard his bicycle on a ten-to-twelve year, extremely-low-level orbit.
worldcook s homepage gives access to recipes and travel stories from all over the world as well as daily experiences of a family with four children living abroad