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ce site web est à vendre iraq.de réunit des informations et annonces. nous espérons que vous y trouverez les informations que vous recherchez


Major reference point for Iraq news. Continually updating stories about this war-torn country with coverage of dramas as they unfold, human interest stories and commentary.


Advocating for LGBT+ Rights in Iraq

Redirection : https://www.iraqueer.org/

regionalism and federalism are terms of increasing significance in southern iraq. this website provides historical background analysis on the decentralisation debate currently unfolding in areas between basra and baghdad


  The CMS Consulting Marketing Service GmbH, based in Germany with sales offices in Iraq (Baghdad and Erbil), is able to provide the right product for you as a distributor from competent German and European companies.


Iraqi J Hematol, Official publication of The National Center of Hematology/ Almustansiriya University,Iraq


1001 Arabian World Network; morocco,libya,lebanon,kuwait,jordan,iraq,egypt,bahrain,algeria,yemen,uae,tunisia,syria,sudan,qatar,palestine,oman


An Iraq-based business conglomerate. Qualified project management business opportunities in the oil and gas sector. International expertise and local knowledge. Inquire today!


ExxonMobil has two affiliates operating in Iraq: ExxonMobil Iraq Ltd. (EMIL) and ExxonMobil Kurdistan Region of Iraq Ltd. (EMKRIL).


Iraq Market Research, Iraqi Market Research Agency, Iraq Monitoring & Evaluation, Iraq Research and more.


The Iraq Writers sets to support the iraqi culture in the areas of Literature,Arts and Social Sciences in the atmosphere of democratic debates, discussions,social and creative changes in order to introduce the modern Iraqi thinking and it's creativity in this era of open apportunities.


The Iraq Museum's huge collection tells the epic story of human civilization, from the earliest settlements to the rise and fall of vast empires.


TAARII is a US registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization specializing in support for academic research about Iraq.


JusticeNotVengeance org online ARROW resources and information ARROW Active Resistance to the Roots of War is a nonviolent direct action affinity group set up in September 1990 to oppose the Gulf War We wholeheartedly condemn the terrorist atrocities in New York and Washington DC We also condemn the idea of taking revenge for these deaths by military retaliation against Afghanistan Iraq andor other countries We believe that the United States and Britain should proceed on the basis of internat


Online exhibition by an international coalition of artists and designers Features political posters expressing the spectrum of viewpoints on the War on Iraq


Environmentalists Against the War is a coalition of environmental organizations and individuals that opposes a US attack on Iraq We seek to influence decision makers provide information to the media and public and mobilize people at the grassroots


international human rights organisation


download broken laws, broken lives, a report from physicians for human rights on medical evidence of torture by us personnel and its impact on former detainees in iraq, afghanistan, and guantanamo bay, who were never charged with any crime.


iraq oil & gas


Sections on 9/11, the Ukraine, NSA spying, the Iraq War, Zionism, Waco, the CIA, psychedelics, the War on Drugs, censorship, human rights, climate change, capitalism, G.W.Bush and much more.


Radio Islam informs in 26 languagues on Jewish power, Jewish racism and war mongering lies. Zionism, an extension of Judaism, is the most widespread form of racism known today! Radio Islam is also fighting for Freedom of Speech, the right to know the truth about the so-called 'holocaust' and the Jewish wars in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon.


shopini site is the largest e-commerce site in Iraq, with more than 80,000 products from various categories including electronics, fashion, household products, watches, perfumes, etc

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