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the web site for the artists eyeless in gaza and martyn bates. avant-folk music perhaps. listen to sound clips at the web site.
webgaza.net - informational resources about gaza strip and palestine. would you like to know about gaza strip and palestine?
a human rights organization that challenges israel's illegal siege on gaza
every day, two new videos report on the daily life of people living in gaza palestine and sderot israel
Gens de Gaza - A la Une /
nous les citoyens de tous les pays de cette terre exigeons l'arret immédiat des bombardements de femmes, enfants et populations assiégés dans la prison à ciel ouvert qu'est devenu gaza
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english :according to article number 90 of the dutch constitution, the dutch government has the task to promote the development of the international legal order. the hague has a significant role in promoting peace and justice all around the world. considering the current events in gaza, we – a number of residents of the hague – are starting a petition to ask for the city of the hague and the city of gaza to be declared sister cities, and hopefully in this way assist in a peace process between pa
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and beyond /
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